Light Tomorrow

Season Greetings!  As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, light guides us, warms us, and gives hope of tomorrow.  It may be candlelight, a crackling fire, starlight, or even the glow of LED.  Regardless of the source, it promises us bright tomorrows, today.  At Big Brothers Big Sisters our mentors and supporters provide that light year-round to the children in our program.

Because of this light, we have seen yesterdays become todays. . . Yesterday a Little Brother was sitting on the outside of the gym, watching his peers play basketball too nervous to say he wanted to play and too embarrassed to try to play.  But today, after many days of shooting baskets and hearing words of praise from his Big Brother—a light that was able to spend the time he desperately needed—he is ready to join his friends on the court.  Your commitment to the children in our program made this today a reality!

But, some Littles are still waiting for this spark of light today to brighten their tomorrows. . .  Today of the children waiting for a Big, 33% live outside of their home, 41% report some type of abuse in their home, 53% report problems at school, and 82% report feeling isolated at school.  This is why today a Little Brother wants to learn to bait a hook but no one is there to teach him how.  Today a Little Sister needs extra encouragement and practice to pass her spelling test because there isn’t enough time for someone to study with her at home.  Or, today a Little Brother sits alone staring at an empty chessboard, thinking “if I only knew how to play.” 

Be the light to the children in our community. . . Give them the todays that Big Brothers Big Sisters alumni have reported through a Harris Interactive independent survey.  Today 52% reported that their mentor helped keep them from dropping out of high school; 77% reported performing better in school due to their mentor; 76% learned right from wrong from their mentor, 29 % hold leadership roles, and 46% report a household income of over $75,000.  And, almost 90% report that their mentor made them feel better about themselves.  And, their mentors were able to provide that internal spark because of gifts from donors like you.

Won’t you please consider making a special holiday gift to Big Brothers Big Sisters?  Your gift helps to enroll children and volunteers into our program, provides background and reference checks for volunteers, and provides match support for children, parents, and volunteers in our program.  Please remember since 2000, contributions from individuals like you, have helped light the lives of over 1600 children served by Big Brothers Big Sisters.  And today, you can help us brighten even more tomorrows for children in our community!

Happy Holidays,
Jenny Bates
Area Manager